Structuring Blog Posts for Emphasis: Increase Readability

How to structure your blog posts.

A friend of mine was asking me about my blog. He asked me how I structure my blog posts (how I outline it in my head.)  So, I told him and figured I would share it with you here.

It is really important when you’re structuring your blog posts, make sure that you organize it in a systematic order that’s easy for your reader to go through.

You need to make sure that the information is delivered in smaller chunks so that the overall gist is not lost throughout the whole post.
One of the ways that I structure my blog posts is that I make sure to use the header 1 tag to let everyone know what the overall just of the post is. (You can see that above)  It looks like I made it larger and bolder.

Further Stuctures

Then throughout the blog is sort of like an outline, I use header 2 and header 3 for my reader that I am changing subjects or that I’m drilling down deeper into the subject matter.
A lot of people understand that if you also use bold underline or italics, the Google search will be able to determine what your blog is about.

In order to increase readability, make sure that you don’t use terms that are way out of peoples leagues that would likely be reading your post.

What are the things that I’d like to do to increase readability without jeopardizing the search engines ability to determine what my blog is about is to use equal signs, arrows and capitalizing words for emphasis. Sometimes you can also create


around the words so that they stand out a little bit more.

If you bring all of these concepts together like in my blog, it really makes it easy for reader to interpret the information that you’re giving them. One final thought.

You can further break up the information that you’re presenting by adding pictures or videos into your blog.

It is a nice way for your eyes to be able to have an orientation point within the blog post.

This keeps your readers from squinting and getting overwhelmed with too much verbiage.

I THINK that >>summarizes<< the most =>IMPORTANT Stuff.

You see what I mean?