Timmy Bio

grocery bagger

(photo credit: wowamazing.com)

About Tim (note: not my real name. Gotta keep a job):

-Yep, I’m the guy at the end of the checkout counter.

The one that says do you want paper or plastic?

Do you have any idea what I’ve learned about humanity just by standing there hour after hour? Daily I watch people reach into the pockets and purses pull out their checkbook and write a check to the store. Question in my mind? Is it going to bounce?

Or, I watch a 40 something-year-old man put his pin into the little black box/ debit card machine tethered to the top of the counter,holding one hand over the top of the other (like a shield) as to make sure that no one can see the secret code is punching in. It reminds me of a scene out of Mission impossible. -Question in my head? Who the hell cares you probably don’t have any money anyway.

How about the girl that is trying to buy beer she doesn’t look old enough to drive let alone buy beer. The cashier asks for her ID she gladly reaches into her pocket snatches it out (which makes it clear that she had it ready just in case wink). -Question in my head? Where did you buy the fake ID ma’am? #Mclovin.

How about the guy that’s probably under 18? He has come in and bought three items

  • package of gum,
  • a red bull and
  • a Maxim magazine.

Question my head? What’s the lineup? Gum first or after?

Or how about the late 20s early 30s Young woman that comes in and buys chocolate tampons, and Maxi pads? -Question in my head how much weight are you going to gain before tomorrow?

So, that sums me up. I’m the cynical student at the end of the cashier line baggin’ your groceries for you smiling asking if you need help out to the car.

Truth is I feel like a puppy that just wants to go for a stroll. Please take me out to your car with you. You don’t know what they do to me in here. smile.

And boy am I learning something about people. You probably never noticed me watching. But I see it all I recorded all in my head then I go home, and I think about it. I realize that the more that I understand about people the farther I will probably get in this world.

Before you judge, you have to remember that there isn’t much else to do while I am standing there. You’d prob do the same. 😉

So, check out my blog and learn about the thoughts that are bouncing around in my head. I needed a place to dump them out if you know what I mean. This seemed as good as any.